Valentine's day giveaway Dubai

Valentine’s day is around the corner and we at Goshopia believe that everyone should be able to celebrate love, the single ones too. Valentine’s for us is about all kinds of love: love between couples, self-love, love towards friends and family, but also those who we appreciate the most.

Many people do not want to celebrate this day and may even feel a little sad about not being able to enjoy it for various reasons. This is why we wanted to focus on everyone out there, no matter your relationship status. We are hoping that you are building a relationship with sustainability which means the world to us. So, we prepared a little giveaway for all of our supporters and followers. This Valentine’s day we want to show you some love for all the love and appreciation that you have given us. 

We teamed up with @lordelatorrephoto, @silke_styles, and @dubai.makeupartist.hairdresser to bring you this very special Valentine’s Day Giveaway.

All of these women are extremely talented and will empower and support you through this entire photoshoot. You will not only get wonderful pictures but also have an amazing day full of fun and laughter! 

What will you win?

You will win an amazing photoshoot where we will take care of your clothing, makeup, and styling. In addition, you also win a 200dhs voucher to be used at Goshopia.

All this is worth over 2500dhs …  So it is one of a kind opportunity to have beautiful pictures and enjoy an amazing experience!


You will get styled with Goshopia’s eco-friendly clothes by the amazing stylist @silke_styles. Silke is a styling coach who helps find women their personal style and look and feel fantastic about themselves. 

Your hair and makeup will be done by @dubai.makeupartist.hairdresser who has over 10 years of experience in international fashion hubs such as Paris, Taipei, Shanghai, and Dubai.

 Lastly, you will be photographed by a catwalk professional photographer-the one and only @lordelatorrephoto who also has 10 years of professional experience shooting for advertising campaigns, magazines, or influencers!

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Follow the participant Instagram accounts @goshopia_official, @lordelatorrephoto, @silke_styles, and @dubai.makeupartist.hairdresser and give them some love! 🥰
  2.  Like & Save the post on our @goshopia_official Instagram account.
  3.  Tag 2 friends who believe in a sustainable lifestyle and tell us one eco-friendly tip you love and do! The more friends you tag, the better! If you believe this would be an amazing gift for someone, follow the steps below and tell us who would deserve this the most and why. 

       Extra Bonus if you share it in your stories and send it to your friends!

We will be announcing the winner of the Valentine’s Day Giveaway on our Instagram stories on Valentine’s Day!


This giveaway is only open to Dubai residents. We will be announcing the winner 14th of February 2022. We will coordinate with you when is the best time for the photo shooting! Fake celebrity/ giveaway accounts will not be considered. We will be sharing the pictures on social media.

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