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Lydie Traore Eli´s BootsEli’s Boots produces long lasting pieces using sustainable and biodegradable leather. They launched in 2015, as a result of Lydie Traore, the founder, then six months pregnant, wanting better quality and more comfortable shoes for her soon-to-be-born son, Eli. She realized they were not options besides the hard-soled ones she was seeing in every shop. And so, Eli´s Boots came to life!

Although Eli’s Boots specializes in baby’s shoes, the company has now branched out to other leather goods for adults such as briefcases, wallets, cardholders and so on. The thread is the super high-quality leather used and the craftsmanship behind each piece.

Eli’s Boots is the first to hand-make baby moccasins, using the highest grade certified vegetable tanned camel and Nappa leather. Each piece of leather is dyed using a natural process. They work with the world’s leading ecological tanneries. Their leathers can be incinerated at the end of the products’ life without risks as they are chrome-free. If landfilled at the end of their life, leathers will be biodegradable in 4 months.

All their products are handmade at their little studio in Dubai.