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About us

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My name is Araceli Gallego and I am the Founder of Goshopia. Goshopia was born out of my own need once I started to become a more conscious consumer. I have always been an eco warrior at heart. I had my own crusades to avoid plastic and save trees at home and at the office. But for some reason, I never thought of fashion as something … damaging.

During one meeting at Fashion Revolution many years ago, they shared some statistics. I never knew fashion had such a huge impact, not only environmentally but also socially. As a Project Manager living a double life as Fashion Editor, I decided this was worth my time and I started researching. 

I won’t lie to you.. Initially I was in denial. But the more I dug, the more I realized that it was true. How something so big was kept away from the eyes of the public? From the regulators? It got me thinking. Fashion is a one trillion dollar industry and they go mostly to some mega companies. Imagine how powerful they are. With their budgets, they can easily decide on the narrative, not only what are going to be the next trends…

But once you know, you can’t unknow. There is a serious issue with fast fashion and I didn’t want to be part of it. Becoming a conscious consumer is not easy. So, out of my own frustration I started Goshopia. Here, I pour all my heart, wisdom and all I learned into practice to, on one side, facilitate conscious consumers find makers they can trust and on the other side support sustainable designers and artisans that are doing things right.

OUR 3 S's

Our core values are our 3S’s: Slow fashion (meaning it is not mass produced), Sustainable (there are many angles to sustainability) and Socially responsible (we say NO to child labor, modern slavery and work exploitation, we support NGO’s and Fair Trade projects).

There is a 4th S

Yes, and that is Style. I realized that many people when they think of sustainable fashion they envision a brown or beige dress with no fit and that looks too loose. We wanted to show the world that sustainability in fashion is about the process, the materials, the people behind… not the design. Style is paramount in the selection we do. We want you to look fantastic, knowing that your clothes are amazing not only on you, but also they are good to the people and planet.

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Where to find us

Goshopia has a beautiful space in Ether– an amazing concept store in the heart of Yas Mall, the best mall in Abu Dhabi. Go to the first floor and look for it. We are close to the Performance area!

Dubai- We do a lot of events! Join our newsletter and follow us on Social Media to know where we will be next!

Online– Here is where you can find the whole catalogue and range of products we have, 24/7 and with amazing customer support to assist you with your questions.

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What does Goshopia mean?

The name comes from Go+ Shop+ Utopia. The idea is that it might still be an utopia but we want to be able for you to go shopping while having a positive impact in the world.

Goshopia is a curated collective of artisans, designers, dreamers and makers. We care for one another, we support one another. We are like a family and you, as our customer, are our number one VIP. Because without you nothing is possible. Thanks for believing in our project!

Araceli Gallego

And Also...

We devote a big part of our time and energy to support the community in many other ways. We are the ones behind Fashion Revolution UAE, Sustainable Souk and the Sustainable Fashion Expo. Sharing is caring and education is power.

Will you join us?

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