Castaño de Indias

Castaño de Indias is a Spanish brand that is part of the slow fashion movement. Lately, and conscious of fashion´s great environmental impact in the materials, dyes, logistics, the use of toxic chemicals and the huge amount of waste it generates, they created an eco line and aim to eventually shift the whole production to sustainability.

Castaño de Indias Eco line of products is made with GOTS certified organic cotton. There are no pesticides, no toxic chemicals and they are 100% biodegradable garments. Their eco line has garments without zippers, without plastics, without polyester ... vegan, where dyes and buttons are also natural.

But not only they are slow and sustainable, but they are also socially responsible. Our 3 S´s! 1 Euro of each garment sold from their Eco line collection goes to a training project for orphaned children in Meki (Ethiopia) through the Pablo Horstmann Foundation.

These new products are made 100% in Spain supporting local communities.

As for the classic collection of Castaño de Indias, in the non-eco line, they have also taken a turn. They have reduced their productions and manufacture fewer quantities in order to generate less waste. They are using deadstock fabric and upcycling the unsold past collections.

In Goshopia you can find for now only the Eco-line with beautiful tops in GOTS certified organic cotton.


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