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As curators, we select carefully each of the designers part of Goshopia. To join they have to fill out a questionnaire that we review and we further research, and they have to publicly show their commitment to at least one of our S´s: Slow Fashion, Sustainable Fashion and Social Responsibility.  

There is a 4th S, which is Style. As we want to break the stereotype that sustainable fashion is boring and not fashionable. We want to show the World that you can dress in style while supporting the environment, the artisans, the garment workers and the independent fashion designers.

Interested? Join now the silent army of conscious fashionistas! The best way to support them is by buying, sharing and talking about their amazing work.

Lokya Cube Shirt Bav Tailor Sustainable Fashion-1

Bav Tailor

Bav Tailor offers sharp tailoring, geometrical forms, and the finest certified natural fabrics that represent true hallmarks of Made In Italy and Eco-Sustainability. Born in London, Creative Entrepreneur Bav Tailor, created her eponymous womenswear brand built for the next ethically aware generation. Uniting a team of modernistic creatives from her multiple homelands with one common interest; to re-construct the age-old techniques of tailoring with innovative cuts, eco-sustainable materials, and technology. Bav is a member of the British Fashion Council and has been selected as a Designer by Camera Moda Fashion Trust for the "Together for Tomorrow" and "CNMI Designers for the Planet" projects. In memoir to her Grandfathers, great Sartoralists, the brand upholds the tradition of creating sartorial pieces, that through amalgamating countries that represent excellence in craftsmanship, materials, and printing techniques, offers clients an effortless tailormade fit allowing freedom of movement and peace of mind during one’s evolution of conscious awareness. Bav Tailor translates into eco-luxe, timeless pieces that show style and status. If you want to feel her pieces and you are in Dubai, come visit our showroom in Dubai Marina.

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Christina Noussis is behind the gorgeous brand Nous+Nola. An avid traveler, she has been quite literally in every corner in the world. Being curious and having a good eye for aesthetics, she got the interest to learn and discover what the skilled hands of artisans were doing, how they were gathering the materials and putting them together, weaving, stitching, melting... creating. She started collecting unique pieces and even creating her own and out of all this love for culture, travel and tradition, Nous+Nola was born.

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red blouse with bow castano de indias sustainable fashion

Castaño de Indias

Castaño de Indias is a Spanish brand that is part of the slow fashion movement. Lately, and conscious of fashion´s great environmental impact in the materials, dyes, logistics, the use of toxic chemicals and the huge amount of waste it generates, they created an eco line and aim to eventually shift the whole production to sustainability. Castaño de Indias Eco line of products is made with GOTS certified organic cotton. There are no pesticides, no toxic chemicals and they are 100% biodegradable garments. Their eco line has garments without zippers, without plastics, without polyester ... vegan, where dyes and buttons are also natural. But not only they are slow and sustainable, but they are also socially responsible. Our 3 S´s! 1 Euro of each garment sold from their Eco line collection goes to a training project for orphaned children in Meki (Ethiopia) through the Pablo Horstmann Foundation. These new products are made 100% in Spain supporting local communities. As for the classic collection of Castaño de Indias, in the non-eco line, they have also taken a turn. They have reduced their productions and manufacture fewer quantities in order to generate less waste. They are using deadstock fabric and upcycling the unsold past collections. In Goshopia you can find for now only the Eco-line with beautiful tops in GOTS certified organic cotton.  

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Duet Luxury

Duet Luxury is a unique fashion brand. Priyanka Baid (Pearl Academy of Fashion) and Shruti Bansal (University of Warwick) are the women behind the dynamic duo that decided to bring in their diverse experiences and expertise and create, out of a small family business, a creative company that has hoards of fans. With a vast product portfolio of exclusive handcrafted accessories blending exotic wood and leather coupled with the luxury of customizing every produce- Duet Luxury is original, futuristic, fun and functional. Duet Luxury offers these bespoke accessories to suit modern go-getters who like to stand out and show their individuality. The collection is full of unique shapes and embellishments- some contemporary some with more traditional features- yet all head-turning. Priyanka & Shruti work together to bring a good balance in design and business and they love to explore new ideas to create exciting collections. Especially they love playing with materials and textures. In her collections, you might find acrylic, Swarovski accents, mirrors, leather, embroidery and of course wood: their signature material.  Duet Luxury strives to create unconventional products that allow each of us to express our individuality.

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Ferzin Irani is one of a kind. She sources fair trade natural fabrics from around the world and employs gifted artisan women in their own countries to create her beautiful creations. Having studied at Esmod Dubai, her creations are functional yet stunning. Irani celebrates feminity and women empowerment through her clothes. She wants her customers to feel that empowerment while she is helping women to have an income, develop skills and care for their families. Ferzin is married to a sailor and for many years she traveled the world with him. That is why you will see a lot of references to the sea and those days onboard discovering fantastic places.

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beautiful blue linen co-ord top and skirt
Turquoise vintage dress essa walla slow fashion

Essa Walla

Essa Walla is one of the most recognizable fashion names in the Middle East. This Indian born clothier grew up in Dubai and started making clothes at the tender age of 13. He is now the go-to- designer among the local fashionistas and celebrities. Not only he is recognized locally, but he has also dressed international celebrities such as Lady Gaga or Sonam Kapoor. His work has been featured and awarded being, for example, Grazia´s designer of the year three years in a row. A visionary, uber-talented and with exquisite taste for style, Essa brings that special "Essa" touch to all his creations that we just can´t resist. Essa designs and sews all his creations in Sharjah and he is part of the Slow Fashion Movement. A lover of details and timeless style, you will find very flattering cuts and colors in his proposals. He mixes tradition with modernity having the woman as the center of his fashion Universe. Be ready to find haute-couturesque gowns and kaftans, embroidery and Japanese print dresses. If you are looking for the perfect dress for your friends' wedding or for that award ceremony, look no further. Essa has something for you.

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Orchid Detachable Earrings Farah Abu Sustainable Fashion

Farah Abu

Farah Abu is a uber-talented designer from the Philippines. She creates amazing and iconic accessories such as earrings, bags, necklaces, and whole bejeweled bodies. We have a cute selection of her pieces here but she is in constant creation. So stay tuned for the latest arrivals! Her imagination and skills are pretty unique and I feel she knows how to make you feel in paradise through her tropical & fun creations. Farah Abu is a hands-on designer. She participates of every step of the process even though her brand grew and now she has a team of ladies working with her at her small atelier. She believes in women supporting women to reach their dreams. She uses beads, pearls, coral, semiprecious stones, crystals and all sort of materials that will make her imagination fly. Have a look at her beautiful creations here.

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Feli Creaciones

Juana Gonzalez is the hands and heart behind Feli Creaciones. Initially a booming family business, when the easy decision was to outsource and buy cheap from remote locations, she decided to slow down and go back to the basics. As a result, her beautiful clothes are handmade and handstitched in crochet in Spain and are sold in exclusive department stores and created on-demand for wealthy families. A mom of two, she wanted to go back to those special moments where the expecting mothers will start knitting the first clothes of their beloved daughter or son to come as a test of love and patience. There is a lot of wish-well in her knits. Her designs are timeless and speak of love and care louder than any words would ever do. So, if you are looking for that special gift for your best friends´ baby shower or if you are the mama-to-be, Juana has something that you will love for sure.

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At Goshopia, we love traveling and discovering new places and treasures. Some of the designs you will see here are bought in small markets, where artisans and craftsmen do their creative magic, get their sales and earn their livelihoods. These products are curated but they are limited. Only one or a few of each item will be available, so if you like something, buy it before they go. The pieces are handmade and might hold slight imperfections that are actually what we love most about them. They are unique. Done by the hands of another human being. They use materials that are respectful with the environment and we have most probably met the maker -or their whole family!- when buying these items. Every piece has a story behind and you can read them all at the descriptions.

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tiger kimono modest fashion
Athena Bag Unsual Sustainable Fashion

Marie de la Roche

Marie de la Roche was introduced to the Middle East in 2015. The brand focuses on bold playful couture details splashed on exquisite quality statement bags; always with a dash of quirky inspiration from whimsical world details. Marie de la Roche rebels against the idea of conventional handbags by creating exotic shapes for a modern woman who appreciates making a bold statement. She delves head-on with playfulness and boldness in color and texture, mixing couture elements and rich artisanal craftsmanship. A dreamer who finds inspiration in the many places she calls home. Her work has been influenced by the different global ideas of beauty and beautification of oneself. She found her call in creating complex beautiful forms whilst breaking the mold of what is known as conventional accessories in the luxury market. Marie wants everyone to be their most exotic and confident self by giving her muses never seen before shapes and items that truly provoke lust over them. Be Bold or go home is her motto. Welcome to her Playground…. right here in Goshopia.

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Mariska Nell

Mariska Nell is a South African born artist, environmentalist, podcast host, and speaker.    She is passionate about art and even more so about reducing waste and turning what others have once seen as trash into artistic treasure. The inspiration behind her collections started with single-use coffee capsules, the beautiful colors inspired her to find creative ways they could be saved, appreciated and not end up in landfills.   Some of her trash to treasure creations are currently also in the art collections of The Daily Show Host, Trevor Noah, Actor and Environmentalist, Adrian Grenier, Entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuck, Virgin Radio Dubai’s DJ, Kris FadeBlack Coffee a world-renowned DJ and producer and Mason Plumlee, an NBA basketball player for the Denver Nuggets. As well as larger corporations such as Nespresso, Costa and DXB Airport.   Most recently Mariska in collaboration with Costa Coffee and DXB Airport to exhibited a 2 cubic meter sculpture of the planet made from 60,000 straws. The piece was exhibited at DXB to create awareness of plastic waste for World Environment day. At Goshopia you can find some of her wearable pieces of art from her collection Coffee Addiction.

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Hanging Heart Pink Earrings Mariska Nell Upcycled Fashion


About the brand MyKaftan is a fashion label created in Dubai. The designer and founder of the brand, Vasilisa Kozhemiako, was born in the Far East of Russia and started her career in Shanghai, China. There, she got a chance to work with one famous fashion house and to learn how to design and create clothes.  With the knowledge she acquired in Asia, she moved to Dubai and decided to launch her own brand. The charm and mystery of abayas became her inspiration. Vasilisa wants to create a modern alternative to the traditional abaya and find new elegant ways to dress modestly. Her proposals are effortlessly chic. All the MyKaftan pieces are carefully produced by artisans in the United Arab Emirates with elements of hand-made stitching and laser cutting – which is her signature design. In her quest for high-quality fabrics, she ended up in Premiere Vision in Paris, the biggest and the most luxurious textile fair in Europe. There Vasilisa found her suppliers. That’s one of the reasons why her pieces are so unique. MyKaftan is created for women who respect the modest movement and love to combine tradition and modernity. It´s a celebration of the femininity regardless of the latest trends. Vasilisa Kozhemiako is part of the slow fashion movement.

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Joy Tote Bag Richmond Works Sustainable Fashion

Richmond Works

  Richmond Works is the brainchild of Dubai resident Daniela Williams. Each bag is dedicated to a member of Daniela´s family and pets. This is just a representation of how close she feels to each of her creations. Daniela takes care of every single detail and every part of the process. They spent a long time finding a tannery that would consider the environment. The tannery they chose uses technology to ensure it has minimal impact on the environment and surrounding. All of her pieces are handmade in India, in a small village. Thanks to the work she is providing, the village is having improvements in the school and in the surrounding Nature as she is spearheading a reforestation program. The leather has been tanned using sustainable traditional methods with vegetable extracts and oils. After tanning, the leather is hand-dyed. Every Richmond piece is quite unique. Every season Daniela changes the cotton lining of her bags with a new and exciting pattern created by Charlotte from the Bang Bang Collective in France.

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Sheen was founded by Nosheen Bakhsh, a Saudi designer of Kashmiri origin, currently based in Dubai. Her love for jewelry began at a young age, when she would watch her mother adorn her beautiful collection. She started collecting pieces of her own, and developed an enthusiasm for crafting her own beaded bracelets, necklaces and rings, which she would distribute as gifts to family and friends. It had always been a dream for Nosheen to start a larger-scale project that can assist her in creating awareness and giving back. Sheen is the first step to accomplishing this goal. The concept of Sheen was started as a university project in 2010. In 2011, she graduated with a BFA in Visual Communication (Creative Advertising) and Sheen, “Jewelry for Social Good”, was officially launched in September 2013. It serves as a creative and humanitarian outlet for her and is produced locally in the UAE. Her brand aims to raise awareness of good causes by donating a percentage of profits. The jewelry is mostly made in 18K white, rose and yellow gold with a few collections in sterling silver. She uses a variation of precious, semi-precious and synthetic stones. In 2016, Nosheen completed her Masters Degree at Pratt Institute in Manhattan, New York. ‘Aisha’ is the first collection since her return. What started as a small dream has now materialized into a much greater idea, a combination of her two passions: jewelry/accessories and humanitarian work.

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Kiara peach maxi dress slow fashion

Stone Grey

Stone Grey is a fashion label by designer Jino Mary Joy. The inspiration of the brand comes from the appreciation of the ordinary and a form of positive thinking that promotes peace and mindfulness. Stone Grey, the neutral name summarizes the aesthetic and inner meaning of all the pieces within the brand. The pieces are minimalistic and comfortable designed to fit any situation. They aren’t out of the box pieces, neither are they trend based. They are timeless. They are the staples in your wardrobe. Jino Joy embraces the Slow fashion movement and all her pieces are created in her atelier in Dubai.

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Vera Sukhinina

Vera Sukhinina is one of a kind. A woman that is able to built fabric sculptures with her hands. She plays with volume masterfully to create her stunning headpieces. She recently won the "Chapeau Moscow 2018" and is set to develop her brand internationally. She is part of the slow fashion movement and produces every piece in her small atelier close to the Red Square in Moscow. Every piece is handmade using premium class fabrics and embellishments such as feathers, Swarovski crystals, natural stones or pearls. Her stylish turbans designs come mostly from a historical inspiration. Vera studied the transition from the Art Deco headwear with Paul Poiret or Coco Chanel to the hats and turbans of the '50s and '60s of couturiers such as Dior, Balenciaga or Yves Saint Laurent. With all that knowledge she started creating her own unique luxurious pieces. Vera Sukhinina signature Transformers turbans allow many possibilities to style them: with or without the bow, frontside, backside or sideways. Endless options for you to play with. Please note that per hygienic reasons, Vera Sukhinina doesn't accept returns on any of her headwear.

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Vera Sukhinina luxury handmade black and gold turban Dubai Abu Dhabi
Verbena celeste tiara sustainable fashion

Verbena Madrid

Our lovely traveler Christina from ByNous discovered Verbena Madrid in one of her trips and fell in love with their pieces. She decided to bring them to Dubai and so this lovely brand entered Goshopia too. The masterminds behind Verbena Madrid are Cristina Criado and Carmen Garcia. They realized there were some artisan´s skills that were about to disappear in the rural areas of Spain. Globalization and the increased depopulation of rural areas meant a risk to all the livelihoods of artisans and craftsmen. These brave women decided to act and so Verbena Madrid was born. Out of love, tradition, and handcraft, each Verbena Madrid piece is unique and 100% handmade in Spain.

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Vino Supraja

Vino Supraja is the designer behind this eponymous premium womenswear brand that has sustainability and ethics at its very core. Her garments are created by people who are empowered to make a living thanks to the skilled work they do. They guarantee that there’s no mass production or extortion of any sort during the production of any of her pieces. "It’s not just our people that we care about, our impact on the planet is another major consideration that we take very seriously when creating our garments. Being green is an ongoing quest and we like to think that we’ve made great strides, thanks to our use of organically produced, natural fibers and pigments. We also handloom our textiles and have achieved certification from the Global Organic Textile Standard." Vino Supraja aims to reduce waste wherever possible through the recycling of unused materials and by educating consumers. Her beautiful clothes are made to last and we want you to enjoy wearing them over and over. Outstanding creativity goes into every design.  Vino takes inspiration from the world around her: architecture, literature, history and culture and even modern day events. Her pieces are truly inspired and represent a piece of art in themselves.

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Deco Vibe Long skirt Vino Supraja Sustainable fashion


So, this is the designers list so far. We keep on adding amazing brands. Always looking that they care for what we care: People & Planet. If you are a sustainable fashion designer or a brand and you want to join the Goshopia family, send us a message through this link.

If you are conscious fashionista and want to see a brand you love become part of this directory, let us know too! We are an eco-friendly virtual mall at the end and we want you to be happy and find your favorite brands here. If you have any question, send us an email. We want to know your thoughts and suggestions to improve.

Sustainably yours,

Araceli Gallego


sustainable fashion terminology


We know how overwhelming and confusing it can be certain terminology. In sustainability, we have also our own slang and sometimes it needs a bit of explanation. That is the reason why we have put together this glossary or minidictionary about sustainable fashion terms. If you are missing any word, send us an email and with pleasure, we will add it to the list.

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In the fashion industry known to be causing much damage to the environment, there is an emerging buzz for the term “Sustainable Fashion”. Sustainability by definition is the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. It focuses on causing little to no damage to the environment. Sustainable fashion is a movement or an approach to adopting a better fashion system in order to benefit the environment or at least minimize the damage it causes. It goes not only for the producers- designers or manufacturers- but also for the user and consumers. It is a philosophy where we all start caring for and protecting Mama Earth. Are you in?

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how to become a sustainable fashion designer


The world is a seeming paradise with sufficient amount of fashion items to pick from. Behind all its glamour, the fashion industry is in a debt that cannot be repaid—depletion. In today’s world though, through the layers of pollution, the word ‘Sustainability’ has appeared. It is a revolutionary action adopted by the industry itself as a means of damage control. Fashion designers offer a great deal towards changing the fashion system to a more ethical one. We have curated a list of actions that you could implement to become a more sustainable fashion designer.

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