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The newest addition to the Goshopia family is IMperfectionists by Dilayla Kopuz. We love this brand because same as us, they embrace as core values sustainability and eco-friendliness. So, we are joining forces to make a positive impact, redefine the way we perceive style and help everyone become more environmentally responsible.

Get ready to embrace imperfections, celebrate uniqueness, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future, all while looking fabulous and feeling good about your choices – we love that!

Today we asked Dilayla Kopuz some questions and it is a great chance for you to get to know her better and see what drives her vision.


Tell us about the journey of [IM]perfectionists, from its beginnings in Copenhagen to its expansion across various countries.

IMperfectionists was born during the pandemic in 2020 in Copenhagen. Our passion for sustainability and timeless design resonated with people, leading us to grow our presence in Turkey, Sweden, Netherlands, and England in 2022. Our designs, which are unisex and made from 100% natural fibers, garnered attention for their minimalistic yet versatile appeal.

Could you tell us more about how you ensure sustainability in your designs?
Sustainability is at the heart of every little thing we do. All our designs are vegan, and we are proud to be a zero-waste company. Before production, our designs undergo digital prototyping, allowing us to plan efficiently and minimize waste. Even after production, we repurpose fabric scraps into new usable items like tote bags and reusable facial cleaning cotton pads. We make the most out of every resource.


Fast fashion is known for its excessive waste. How did you decide to take a different path and focus on sustainability?
Fast fashion’s impact on the environment deeply concerned me. It triggers a disposable culture and excessive consumption, which leads to surplus production and tremendous textile waste. I wanted to find a solution to this problem. I believe sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be boring; it can be innovative and beautiful. Our designs, crafted from high-quality natural materials, embrace a cyclical fashion sense, encouraging customers to use them for a long time, returning to nature—the home we all share.

Can you elaborate on [IM]perfectionists’ approach to ethical and domestic production?
Ethical production is a cornerstone of our brand. Since our inception, we’ve proudly partnered with talented Turkish handcraft experts to create each design. To ensure transparency, we provide QR codes with each garment, enabling customers to know who produced their clothes and under what conditions. Supporting local producers and providing fair job opportunities without compromising on minimum wages are essential aspects of our success.


What is the meaning behind the name “[IM]perfectionists.” Could you shed some light on its significance?
IMperfectionists is a word I created to reflect our philosophy. It symbolizes that our mental and physical wounds make us who we are, and individuals who have the freedom to be themselves are perfect. As for our iconic tiger, it developed spontaneously, inspired by the majestic animal. We believe it represents the inner power within every person. It also serves as a reminder of the currently endangered tigers, calling for attention to their preservation.

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How did you realize your passion for fashion, and how has it evolved over the years?
My love for fashion began when I was just seven years old, sketching my own clothes while watching fashion shows on TV. After undergoing surgery at the age of 15, I understood the importance of living comfortably and confidently. My design philosophy shifted to creating garments that embrace individuals’ truest selves, meeting their body’s needs rather than conforming to rigid standards. I pursued formal education at the University of East Anglia in England and the Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design in London, which helped shape my unique taste for style—a blend of Istanbul and London.


Can you share more about your design vision and how you aim to address excessive consumption and production?
Our design vision focuses on creating eco-friendly freedom through fashion. We aim to challenge the excessive consumption and production that harms the environment. To achieve this, we design in limited editions rather than collections or seasons, which reduces waste and overconsumption. Embracing innovation, we’ve ventured into the realm of virtual fashion, collaborating with talented digital fashion illustrators to create 3D views of our designs.

What are the plans for [IM]perfectionists?
We have big plans for the future. IMperfectionists will continue to lead the way expanding our range of eco-friendly designs and promoting transparency and ethical production practices. We aim to create a positive impact on the fashion industry, inspiring others to adopt a more sustainable approach. Moreover, we are committed to raising awareness about endangered tigers and the importance of preserving their natural habitat.

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